Remembering Ernest Mariel Wyss


On 11th November 2015 Moseley School issued the following newsletter:

Ernest Wyss in 1934

Ernest Wyss in 1934

This e-newsletter is dedicated to Ernest Mariel Wyss, a former student of the school, who fell during Operation Market-Garden in 1944. This was one of the major operations on the Western Front during World War II. Its mission was to seize the city of Arnhem and hold the bridges over the Lower Rhine so that the Allies could invade Germany from the West.

Captain Wyss was born in 1919 and was of Swiss heritage – this showing the grand tradition of Moseley students always having come from a diverse range of backgrounds. He joined the South Staffordshire Regiment in September 1940 and was quickly promoted through the ranks. By the time his regiment took part in the Invasion of Sicily in 1943, he had been promoted to Captain and was second in command of his company.

Captain Wyss was dropped by glider to a site near Arnhem. Used as a stealthy alternative to parachutes, glider operations were in themselves difficult and dangerous and glider pilots and crews suffered heavy casualties.

At 0430 on 20th September, Captain Wyss and his men reached a road between Arnhem’s St Elizabeth Hospital and the city’s museum. The British had sustained heavy casualties (the Company Major and lieutenant had been killed; two other officers had been injured).

Captain Wyss was left in sole command.

Under heavy Nazi fire, D Company made progress up the road and dealt with several German outposts making the route into Arnhem safer for their comrades. Within a short time, over half of D Company had become casualties. Captain Wyss was killed by a burst of machine gun fire upon making it to the cover of the hospital entrance.

Wyss E M 2He was just 25. He is buried at Arnhem’s Oosterbeek War Cemetery. His name appears on our school’s war memorial.

Shamaila Hussain, Head Girl, says: “It was important for Atif (Head Boy) and I to pay our respects to the fallen of Moseley School when we spoke at the Moseleians’ Memorial on Saturday. As a community, we should reflect on the impact of conflict and learn as much as can from the past. We would encourage all students to spend some time in contemplation at our war memorial this week.”


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