David Marks Memorial Mosaic

David Marks plaque-1A memorial mosaic which replaces a doorway left ‘hanging’ by recent building works and funded by the bequest of David Marks, who was a pupil at Moseley from 1948 to 1953, has been unveiled.

David, who passed away in 2012, kindly left a £1000 bequest to Moseley School in his will. The school has expressed its appreciation of his kind donation and the association worked with the school to see how the money could best be spent as a tribute to David.  One consequence of the new school building is that the ground levels around the 1930s extension to the old grammar school building (the West Wing that was) were lowered to allow students to move more easily between the new school and the Spring Hill College building. But the other consequence is that it has left an old, previously much used doorway ‘hanging’ in mid-air. Since it is no longer able to be used as a doorway, the association and school have been David-Marks-plaque-1seeking to devise a new and appropriate feature which will fit into the doorway surround.

During the summer of 2013 Emma Lockry and Suzi Griffiths, two artists working with the students at school, designed a colourful mosaic to fill that old doorway. The preliminary design contains a number of references to Spring Hill College, trees, representing those in and around the School, an illustration of some stained glass windows in the building and part of the main west door. In addition, there are some features of past and present Birmingham, including a factory chimney, the Rotunda, the Selfridge’s building in the Bull Ring and a canal barge with the familiar school badge at the centre of the mosaic which was unveiled by David’s wife and family in November 2013.