2007: Any Questions?


Live from Moseley School, Spring Hill College, Friday 27th April 2007

BBC Any Questions Full Transcript (Opens as a PDF)


Jonathan Dimbleby

As part of the preliminary publicity for the Summer in the City weekend in June 2007, The Moseleians Association invited the BBC to broadcast Any Questions? with presenter Jonathan Dimbleby Live from Moseley School, Spring Hill College. Any Questions? is a 50 minute programme broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 on Friday nights at 20.00 and repeated the next day at 13.10 followed by Any Answers? at 14.00.

BBC Any Questions (2)On arrival the audience was invited to post their topical questions which were then selected by Jonathan and the production team shortly before the broadcast. The panel consisted of: Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Minister without Portfolio and Labour Party Chair,  David Willetts MP, Shadow Education Secretary, Susan Kramer MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson of Trade and Industry, Howard Davies, Director of The London School Economics

A wide range of topics were covered by the panel during the 50 minute programme covering…

  • The deployment of Prince Harry to Iraq. Should he stay or should he go?
  • Anger after alleged terrorism arrests in Birmingham when it appeared the media had more information than local police. Key details had been leaked. Who leaked this information and why?
  • What effects will next week’s local elections make?
  •  Fortnightly Rubbish collection or Tony Blair’s retracted departure?
  • Which item of exclusive merchandise would the panel produce to best reflect themselves? (Thanks for that question James)
  • Does the panel agree that it should be against the law for children under 15 to drink alcohol at home under the supervision of their parents?
  • Is the Department of Health and National Health Service unfit for purpose? (Question from our own Richard Cobb)
Any Qustions (3)

James Brown talking to David Willetts, Shadow Education Minister

After the broadcast panel members retired to the relative comfort of the ‘green room’ (formerly known as the library) for onion barges and wine (James’s choice of food), where they happily chatted with Moseleians for the next hour or so before heading off back to London.

Jonathan Dimbleby

Jonathan Dimbleby at Moseley School