2019: Class of 1989 Reunion

Class of 1989 Reunion

Saturday 29th June 2019

Shamus MahmoodA FACEBOOK GROUP was created one night after a conversation between a couple of old school friends, and the group started to slowly grow. They wondered how people's lives had played out. What became of their year, their cohort, their colleagues and friends.

Conversations in the group had been quiet with only the occasional post from time to time. Then, something happened, the reunion was announced and almost immediately, it felt like being right back at Moseley, as if the teacher had called out the register, everyone was present and one by one, people started to talk about seeing one another again. Before you know it, we had old school photographs being uploaded and friends started to reconnect with old school best buddies. Of course, back then, there were no mobile phones and social media (thank goodness). Our lives were our own, as were our mistakes (a much longer article, I assure you).
Today, however, there is a genuine buzz in the group. It's fascinating how the passage of time allows for opportunities. Back then, we were school kids. None of us knew where the future would take us. Today, we thrive in ways unexpected. We have phenomenal stories and superb individual achievements.

Among the notable achievements, we have an international senior research scientist working to cure cancer, (see Moseley Made article), we have global political activists championing the Anglo Indian relationship (to the extent of playing a huge part in the Narendra Modi campaign which led to his becoming the leader of the largest democracy in the world – India), we have fiercely talented creative professionals whose calligraphy videos on YouTube attract millions of views regularly and digital marketers who have been flown to New York and enjoyed helicopter tours around the Statue of Liberty at the expense of the mighty Google with whom they partner. We even have a founder of a charity in Africa working tirelessly to make life better for young girls and boys who are largely forgotten and without support while simultaneously fighting to heal the continent of the ugliness that is FGM.

When I think back to the young, carefree individuals I shared my childhood with and how they have blossomed into such incredible individuals, I feel a deep sense of pride. I often think of the part Moseley School played in shaping who we would become and the teachers who shaped how we think. I am grateful to them for their tireless work in planning lessons and their incredible patience with us.
Today, I am grateful to the school for giving us the opportunity to reconnect after all this time. I have no idea how it will go and frankly, I couldn't be more excited.
I look forward to the reunion and hearing more of these remarkable stories.

If you wish to attend please contact Shamus on Facebook or use the contact form below.