2021: Heritage Open Day

Heritage Open Day

September 2020

HeritageOpenDaysend2009webpage00As part of Heritage Open Days, the Moseleians Association, in conjunction with Moseley School, opens Spring Hill College, Wake Green Road, each September to association members and the general public. NO CHARGE is made for admission.


Some of the former pupils who revisited the scene of their classroom labours and achievements

Calling All Ex-Staff


2014 MINI STAFF REUNION YEAR ONE - From back left: Steve Jones (84-87), Pete Anstey (75-2000), Rod Ling (88-09), Linda Jones/Cox (85-89), Gwen Edwards (00-07), Tony Thacker (75-present!), Tony Stokes (68-90s), Gaye Key/Smith (74-13), Mary Miles (84-01), Ann Prior (89-07), Phil Duckworth 93-08) Maureen Ojo, (99-13), Angela Billingham (74-10), Joan Cooper/Harding (77-87), Sue Mason (73-75 and 88-11)

 Annual Staff Photo

2014 Heritage Open Day saw the inauguration of a new annual event – The Mini Staff Reunion. Not a reunion for small staff but an opportunity for former and a few more.. ahem.. shall we say mature? current Moseley staff to meet again and for once not in the Covered Wagon!

In subsequent years an encouraging number of staff have responded to the invitation to make use of the Heritage Day Opening and met up, enjoying a good catch up over tea and cake. For many it was their first opportunity to see the second restoration of the Victorian building – the transformation of the hall into the school library/learning centre and the gym into music suites/recording studios was much admired.

A Little Background Info

 English Heritage LogoDuring the 1990's, the then Head Teacher of Moseley School, Mary Miles, turned to The Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage to help with the restoration of the almost derelict, Spring Hill College. As a direct result of the money received Moseley School is obliged to open its doors to the general public as part of Heritage Open Days.

Spring Hill College 1999

Spring Hill College 1999

Spring Hill College 1915

Spring Hill College 1915

Heritage Open Days are a national event and provide an opportunity to explore buildings which might otherwise be inaccessible, at no charge. Spring Hill College, being the former Moseley Grammar School building and now part of Moseley School, remains one of Birmingham’s finest grade II listed buildings, with a fascinating 150 year history. The association provides hour-long guided “history tours” of the building, featuring its highlights; the library, tower, Head’s house and Victorian hydropathic baths. Refreshments and displays are also available.

Heritage Open Day 2021

A provincial date has been set for Saturday 11th September 2021 however no decision has yet been made to see if this event will go ahead this year.

Guided Tour by Rod Ling (2011)

Tour Guide Training

Have You Got What It Takes To Be Tour Guide?

The association is currently looking to 'train up' some new tour guides.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact Richard Cobb using the form below.

Past Heritage Open Days

HOD15 Gaye Key - Mudasar Hamid - Faraz Chaudri - Majid Hussain - Tony Stokes

2015: Gaye Key, Mudasar Hamid, Faraz Chaudri, Majid Hussain, Tony Stokes


HOD15 Pete-Anstey

2015: Former deputy head Pete Anstey start the first tour in the Library.



2011: Nasim Awan with Dave (Doc) Martin

Foyer Group-1

2010: Rod Ling leading a tour of the college

In 2012 Spring Hill College was partly a construction site as the refurbishment and renovation of this grade II listed building preceded slowly onwards and consequently some areas were out of bounds to visitors. In 2013 and 2014 however, the whole building was once again open for guided tours as visitors took advantage of Heritage Open Days to visit Moseley School’s iconic building. Iconic? well maybe. Set on high ground, for over a century and a half its impressive façade and tower has greeted travellers as they toil their way up Wake Green Road, from JRR Tolkien’s house at the bottom of the hill, past middle earth (aka Moseley Bog) and onwards to Moseley Village. Hobbits, Wizards, Elks, Dwarfs and Orks would all have shook with fear at finding themselves standing in front of Messrs Robinson and Gaskin’s study, let alone entering their house, but tour visitors not only inspected the old Head’s house but also climbed, breathless and panting, the 120 steps to the see the green and lush view from Moseley’s only tower.

Once again we were delighted with the response from local residents, former pupils and Birmingham citizens who came to see one of Birmingham’s hidden treasures, and this is what Heritage Open Days is all about. Buildings that are not normally open to the public are thrown open, free of charge, for visitors to explore. As part of an agreement made with English Heritage after securing finance for the buildings renovation in the mid 90’s, Moseley School opens its doors each September as part of National Heritage Open Days and the Moseleians Association play their part in leading guided tours which tell the history of Spring Hill College from 1857 to the present day, a fascinating history which includes sex, drugs and rock and roll. Actually I lie, there is no sex or drugs but there is slave trading, orphans, embezzlement and rock and roll!

Remember the rumors of tunnels, truth or myth? Gunshot holes in the brickwork, truth or myth? dynamite thrown during assembly, truth or myth? the blue goldfish, truth or myth? Answers to these and many more questions like what do the initials JJ set into the brickwork halfway up the back of the tower stand for? were answered during this year’s free guided tours. If you weren’t there why not? and if you were stop asking such damn stupid question… of course the bullet holes are real!