2011 - 13: Building Work

Photographs featuring the 2011-13 building work at  Moseley School.  The work commenced with the demolition of the 1950's canteen block and the building of a brand new building covering the ground between the old west and east wings. As part of the project Spring Hill College (former grammar school building) also received a £4m renovation. The 1950's College Road building (former Moseley Modern School) has now been demolished and a sports centre buit in its place. Many thanks to Mark Gormley for this photographic record.The new school was officially opened in 2013.

2005: A Year in the life of Moseley School

A selection of photographs taken of and by pupils and staff in 2005.

1982: Moseley School

Our 2011 Farewell Reunion inspired Tony Steele to look out some photographs he took on 11th May 1982.

1979: Sports Day & Rugby Tour

A selection of photographs from 1979, courtesy of Mike Westley featuring sports day and that infamous rugby tour.

Birmingham Pals

At the outbreak of the First World War Spring Hill College was used as a training ground for the 3rd Birmingham Battalion, also known as the Birmingham Pals. The idea of pals battalions being that friends could train and fight together, unfortunately many also died together wiping out whole groups of friends.

Buildings: College Road, East Wing

photographs of the now demolished College Road buildings. Most of these were taken by Alan Roberts in June 2011.

Buildings: Spring Hill College

A selection of photographs of Moseley Schools iconic Spring Hill College building.

Buildings: Arts / Canteen Block

Photographs of Moseley Schools now demolished Arts / Canteen.

Concerts and Music Festivals

A selection of music based photographs and concert programmes.

Events and Reunions

A selection of photographs from the many events and reunions organised by The Moseleians Association.

Groups and Teams

Groups of pupils and staff including sports and school trips.

Long School Photographs

Featuring the long school photographs taken at irregular periods during the schools history. We have a reasonably complete selection of these dating back to 1926 however some are still missing. If you have any of these we would be very gratefully if you would contact us. In the meanwhile enjoy… and while your at it see if you can find Wally!

We are now able to get these professionally reproduced, Visit our online shop for details.

School Cottage, Old Grouse

For over forty years Moseley School enjoyed the benefit of a cottage Nr Abergavenny in Wales. This property was purchased in 1968 for the princely sum of £150 and donated it to the school by Phil ‘Beefy’ Bullock.


It’s Showtime! In the 1970’s Moseley Modern and later Moseley School performed a large number of musicals under the watchful eye of Veronica Gates.