DYER, Anne

College Road School 1945 – Moseley Modern School 1955

September 1955, holidays over and I had a newly built school to go to. So instead of just walking along Springfield Road to College Road Senior School I now had to climb College Road hill. Turning left into the drive the new school was in front of me with a tower and clock, which I was going to look at many times to see if I was on time and ready for the bell. The school was still being build and the main entrance was through the door behind the canteen. Assembly was held in the canteen and those of us who were in our last year and those new youngsters in the first year gathered for Miss Cohen’s entrance – I’m sure we had many “dos and don’ts” that morning. The canteen was also used for our gym.

Leaving the canteen corridor we turned right to our classrooms. This was the only wing the builders had completed together with the woodwork and metalwork rooms at the end of it. The girls still had to walk down hill to the old school for cookery with Mrs. Flowers – (I wonder if the lumps of dough are still on the ceiling!!). The present entrance hall was there, but not in use yet and Mrs. Shuttleworth (Miss Cohen’s secretary) had her office in the corridor outside the present secretary’s office. Miss Cohen’s office was along side this room.

Our playground was on the boundary of Moseley Grammar School and although there was a bank and thick hedge contact with the boys was made and although a ban on talking to the boys was on the rules list, I believe future marriages took place despite the ban!

A number of us met on Saturday mornings to plant rose trees and bushes along the drive from College Road, which have long since disappeared under tarmac. Bushes were also planted on the left hand side of this drive and anyone found treading on these gardens were in trouble. Mr Checketts supervised our gardening activities and the sight of him riding his bike along the drive one Saturday morning with a grin from ear to ear is a vivid memory. His wife had produced their first child, a son, hence from then on his nick name became “Dad Checketts“.

What happy times we spent planting bulbs on the bank that Autumn. I never saw them in flower as I left school that Christmas. Nor did I see the school completed.