John Roberts talks about his time teaching at Moseley Modern

John was Head of Technical Studies 1960 – 86


John Roberts, Head of Technical Studies 1960-86

All Plaques for sporting occasions were produced by John and many ex-pupils as well as staff will remember the famous working model steam locomotive he kept in the metalwork classroom.

Mr Roberts recalls the occasion he was “kidnapped” by other staff members and whisked away, as “forced labour”, to the school cottage in Wales. These “kidnappings'” were a fairly regular event, and resulted in the famous “Kidnap” tie issued to those unfortunate teachers who were led away. Needless to say, it was good fun! On another occasion he remembered the time of the great flood in 1974. As water entered the main building the parquet floor in the main hall was warped by the action of the water. Image everybody’s surprise when they found the grand piano standing 18″ above the floor as a result of this water damage!

John also remembers the strict rules afforded by Mrs North regarding wearing of skirts and dresses. Any girl found to be wearing a short skirt would be required to kneel on the floor and a measuring tape used to measure the distance between the floor and the hem. If it was found to be more than 4″ they would be sent home.


John’s Metalwork Room

Sadly John passed away in November 2013.