Joel Josephson – Gugenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Joel Josephson (Johnson) is involved as an initiator of innovative, education projects funded by the European Union. Many of the projects he is involved in bring the arts and music into the curriculum, to teach any subject.

Unusually Joel left Moseley Grammar in the early 19670’s with only two A Levels, did not attend university and has built his career through alternate channels.

For some years he was involved in fine art publishing for museums and galleries in the UK, and importing in to the UK from the French and Austrian National Galleries.

Later he was involved in high tech, management, consulting to start-up and early stage companies. He was also involved in research and analysis for parliamentary committees on digital policies. This led to him initiating his own successful start-ups.

His occasional blog can be found at:

Joels work in European education through EU large-scale funded projects has resulted in being invited to give a TedX talk on education…