Phil Crocker attended Moseley Modern School 1960-65

Phil was an active member of The Moseleians Association after taking a major role in The Golden Reunion. He worked tirelessly and with great enthusiasm searching for the lost College Road World War One memorial and tracking down the ‘storming of Kenilworth Castle’ film from the 1960’s. Sadly Phil passed away suddenly in 2006

“No doubt many will recall the famous flag pole situated in the grass island in front of the main door. The inspiration for the erection of this came from Mrs. North when she moved into her home in Hall Green. Apparently, for some obscure reason, the previous residents had erected a flag pole in their front garden, and with much thought, Mrs. North felt one should be made for the island. However I could not recall a flag ever being flown although I am assured one flew at half mast when Winston Churchill died.” ~ Phil Crocker

Forty years since I left school and quite suddenly my memories of time at school were refreshed by my involvement with the reunion.

I remember, in those days we had snow in winter, and lots of it! 1962/3 was the last really vicious one. I remember when snow lay on the ground from Boxing Day ’62 to mid March 1963, with temperatures rarely above freezing. No, the school did not close on any day during this period and I remember wearing a duffle coat in class on many occasions. However we were sent home in January 1964 when Birmingham experienced the last ever very dangerous ‘pea-souper’ fog. Traffic ground to a halt and I remember the fog even penetrating my house at the time!

Time at school was generally a very happy affair with lots to do and friends to make. Sadly, some friends have passed on, and some have moved to other areas of the country without leaving forwarding addresses. Thank goodness, however, for ‘Friends Reunited!’

I was joint librarian with Anthony Pilsen and enjoyed being amongst the thousand or so books at the time (no computers at then folks!).

The school reunion was, I thought on the day somewhat disappointing as I had not met any of my friends. However, during the last half hour, what a surprise!! Janette Pearson (nee Hudson) who sat in front of me at class appeared and for the first time in forty years, we exchanged nostalgia and we are still doing it several month later!

Mrs. North was strict, but fair and it is because of this, that I look back in affection and gratitude for the hard work undertaken by all the staff in preparing us for the journey of life ahead.


HMS Pinafore 1964