School Cottage Sold: An open letter from the trustees


The School Cottage 'Old Gouse'

The School Cottage ‘Old Gouse’

May 2014

Dear Headmaster,

Re: The Old Grouse Cottage. Cymro Road. Gilwern. Abergavenny NP7 OHH

The Trustees of The Old Grouse Cottage, often referred to as the School Cottage, wish to inform you that the property has now been sold.

Recent unauthorised building work rendered the Cottage unfit for its intended purpose and consequently has it not been used for almost three years.

As a result no income has been forthcoming and the Trustees are unable to meet the costs of maintaining the Cottage.

Another result of the unauthorised building work is that the Trustees became liable for substantial bills for the restoration of the site to the standards required by the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority and also faced legal procedures in this regard.

The Trustees do not have the financial resources to undertake this restorative work. A major condition of the sale is that the Purchaser will take on this task.

The Trustees have donated the proceeds of the sale to the School.

The Trustees themselves do not benefit in any way from the sale of the Cottage.

Mrs Mary J. Miles      Mr W. Peter Samuels      Mr David F. Martin

cc The Governors of Moseley School
The Moseleians Association


Further Reflections On The Old Grouse

Pete Samuels, July 2014

The trustees’ decisions were made in liaison with the current Moseley School management. Two of the trustees have been connected with The Old Grouse since the late 1960’s, so we know it has been an emotional decision to make, and to accept. Thanks to the foresight of the early pioneers of the Grammar School who purchased the cottage in 1968, it has been a unique asset to the school, and the envy of many others. For many reasons including those mentioned in the official Trustee letter above, the early ideas of The Old Grouse are no longer compatible with the demands of twenty first century education.

So we pass on to the new owners who will hopefully open up a new era in the third century of the history of The Old Grouse.

As for the thousands of pupils, staff and guests, who have visited over the last forty years, many no longer with us, their spirit will always be part of the Old Grouse fabric and legend. As this chapter closes the memories and stories of The Old Grouse cottage will live on forever.