Thank You

Moving the Archive

Yesterday 17 members and friends took on the mammoth challenge of moving the association's school archive from the tower to it new ground floor home.

This was no mean feat as every item, including shelving units which needed to be dismantled and reasembled the other end, had to be man-handled by a chain gang down the winding tower stairs to staging areas. In the first instance to the second floor tower room, then down a further winding staircase to the first floor tower room, then down each flight of stairs in turn to the ground floor before being loaded onto parcel trucks or man handled along corridors to be stacked outside the new archive room  ready to be sorted.

The process took around 6 hours that 102 man-hours!

We are indebted to members - Gerry Thompson, Joan Cooper, Dave Thomas, Paul Smith, Robin Stait, John Dyer, Mike Parker, and Mark Stephens who were joined by Sophia Green, Shannon Killarney, Wendy Weston and committee members Richard Cobb, Gaye Key, David Binnie, Roger Green, Steve George and Barry Phillips.