Copy Deadlines

The Moseleians Gazette is a twice yearly magazine sent FREE to association members and contains a mixture of anecdotes from the past, articles and letters from former staff and students, reunion and event details together with a healthy balance of information regarding what’s going on now at Moseley School. Back issues of the magazine are available to download from the members area.

The life blood of the Gazette is of course, your articles, so please, get your thinking cap on and submit an article to We are eager to hear from former pupils and staff and always on the lookout for a good story.

Regular features of the Gazette include:

Letters, membership information, events, reunions, what happening now, moseley made / where are they now, archive matters, stories and articles from current and former students and staff, history, photo’s, obituaries, memorabilia, and much more.

The ‘Moseleian’ was the original magazine of Moseley and the archives contain a full record of these. The Gazette in its present form was first issued in February 1996, shortly after the rebirth of the Moseleians Association the previous year and back issues are available to view in the members area.

Gazette Copy Deadlines
Spring edition – March 1st
Autumn edition – September 1st

For distribution 4/5 weeks later


How long should a Gazette article be?

We are always delighted to receive contributions to our magazine. As a guide articles should always include a high quality image and be the following length…

Letter and News up to 250 words
Where Are They Now 250 to 300 words
Quarter Page 200 to 299 words
Half Page 300 to 399 words
Full Page 400 to 800 words