Who’s Who

The Moseleians Association committee meets at Moseley School on 2nd Tuesday of the Months February, April, June, September and November.


Committee Members

Chairman Stephen George | Secretary Gaye Key | Treasurer Stephen George | Membership Secretary Roger Green | Archivist Richard Cobb | Former Staff Liaison Gaye Key | Memorabilia Tony Wright | Public Relations Barry Phillips | Gazette Compilers Richard Cobb, Roger Green and Barry Phillips | School Liaison (ex Officio) Amanda Allott | Webmaster Roger Green | Auxiliary Officer David Binnie

Archive Task Force

Richard Cobb | Barry Phillips | Anne Dyer | John Dyer | Gaye Key

Former Association Chairmen

Richard Cobb 2013 – 2019 | Roger Green 2003 – 2013 | Colin Harris 1999 – 2003 | Derek Mayman 1995 – 1999


Please contact Stephen George if would like to know more about joining the committee. He will be very pleased to hear from you!