Memorial Garden

The Project

The garden located on the west Wake Green Road side of the Spring Hill College Building (Building A) has been recognised by the school as a memorial garden area where benches, plants and trees can be placed in memory of either staff, students or friends of the School including Moseleians Association members.

The Memorial Garden was set up in 2015 when two benches were added to an earlier one funded by the Association in the 1990s. One of the additional benches is for school staff and one is for the Moseleians Association. All the benches are made from recycled plastic and are particularly robust.

The Garden was once known as the Head’s Garden when the school’s head teacher and his family lived in the original College principal’s house. That practice ceased in the 1970s when the head teacher then started to live off site and the old house was turned into teaching rooms. The Garden is maintained both by the School and the Association.

In the 1960s and 1970s it is reported that the ‘garden’ was largely a tennis court. But it was restored as a garden area as part of the general restoration of the Spring Hill College building in the mid-late 1990s. It has a large lawned area around a small pond in the centre with rhododendrons and with planted borders and a series of wooden pergolas along a path alongside the 1980s science block.

The garden is not restricted in access although there is a usually locked gate at the end of the path leading to the north side car park by the science block.


We welcome families who would like to have some more tangible feature placed in the garden in memory of their loved one. We do not encourage too many benches in the memorial garden, although may want to add some more over time or put them around the sports field. If any relative wants to donate a bench then at the present time these are possibly better placed around the playing field in appropriate locations.

Other options include trees, roses, shrubs, containers and plaques to be fixed to a bench, although we will seek to make the garden look appropriate and not too cluttered.

Details of these are given below. You can supply your own rose or shrub if you want.

Price Guide

  • Roses £15 - £20
  • Shrubs £15 - £20
  • Trees £150 - £200
  • Wooden Plant Containers £50 - £60
  • Brass Plaques on Benches £20 - £30
  • Plastic Benches £450 - £500

We will endeavour to match your request, consult you on any details and let you know the cost.

For more information use the form below to contact Richard Cobb

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