What have The Moseleians ever done for Moseley School?

One of the ways The Moseleians Association supports the current school is by funding, or part funding, projects which would otherwise never get off the ground. We have supported a number of art, music and drama projects, provided equipment for various departments, display cases and materials, vandal-proof benches and awards for student achievements.

We continue to maintain the archives and keep a watchful eye on the tree’s and landscaping around the campus. The Association and its individual Members have also provided substantial funding to School Projects including an activity play area, astronomical telescope for the Science Department and part funded a digital weather station for the Science and Geography Departments.

Below is a selection of projects Association has funded in recent years:

  • Part funding of a defibrillator for the school
  • Part funding of new posts for the reintroduction of rugby union football
  • Maurice Paramore award
  • Creation of a memorial garden
  • Continued funding of the Moseleians Association school archive.
  • Tree plantings around the school grounds to compensate for those which have recently been lost along *Wake Green Road due to the ravages of time and have spent time and money restoring the ‘Heads Garden’.
  • Planting for the alcove areas at the front of the west wing
  • Vandal-proof benches provided by the Association
  • Repair and restoration of a football trophy for the PE department
  • Tree planting (some of which has involved students e.g. the native species ‘copse’ near Attock pavilion) as well as planting near the old Arc building
  • Old Prints and Pictures/photos in the Head’s house
  • Stage curtains for the stage in the (now demolished) College Road building
  • Honours boards
  • Annual award to care of the buildings (cleaning and janitorial staff)
  • Clocks for West reception and Library
  • Display cases
  • Cooking range for school cottage
  • Mattresses for school cottage
  • Frames for ‘Moseley Achievers’ posters
  • Active Links with Mansfield College, Oxford
  • Researching and documenting the history of the buildings
  • Forming, maintaining and cataloguing the School Archive, which is part owned by the Association Members
  • Making the archives accessible online via this website
  • Attendance at other school events e.g. musical events
  • Practice cones for PE Department