Work Experience – Can You Help?

Can You Help?

Year 12 level 3 Work Experience Week, 16-20 July 2018.

Moseley School is encouraging all level 3 students to take part in a work experience week as it helps them to enhance and strengthen their UCAS and/or apprenticeship applications. It will also help them develop key skills, such as communication, organisation and team-working.

Some university courses also will expect relevant work experience e.g. nursing (doesn’t have to be in a hospital, could be a care home, hospice etc.).

We are looking for employer contacts that would be willing to offer a placement to the students?

Placements Moseley School students are looking for include:

Job sector Example work experience areas
Healthcare Hospitals, care homes, pharmacists
Education Schools, nurseries
Legal Solicitors
Finance Accountant
Engineering Civil, mechanical, sound recording
Admin/business Office work
Science Lab work, forensics
Design Architecture, illustration, medical illustration, interior design, fashion
Sport Coaching, leisure centres
Retail Food and clothes shops
IT/computing Social media, technician, web design, games design
Other Charities, theatre work, artist


If you can help please use the contact us and provide the following information about the placement for the students to be able to apply for this placement.

  • Your name (so we know who has recommended the employer contact)
  • Name of business
  • Address of business
  • Employer contact name and position in company
  • Employer contact telephone number(s)
  • Employer contact email address
  • Type of work experience offered (e.g. working in pharmacy, supporting in primary school, business administration)