2005: Moseley Modern Reunion

The Golden Reunion

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Moseley Modern School on 24th September 2005

Mr Wilford

Mr Wilford


Mrs North nee Cohen

By the 1950's, College Road Senior School was bursting at the seams and the time was ripe for a new senior school in Birmingham. The removal of King Edward's Camp Hill to its new site in Kings Heath freed up their old playing fields off Springfield Road for re-development and thus, in 1955 Moseley Modern School was born.

Half a century later The Moseleians Association extended an invitation to ex-students and staff to re-connect with one another and with the well-remembered buildings, in a grand Reunion. it was our first real recognition that MMS students had played a unique role in the history of Moseley School, that had started with the Secondary School of 1923 and broadened in 1974 when the wooden fence between Moseley Modern and Moseley Grammar came down and the traditions of the two school were merged.

For over forty years now there has been just one Moseley School. In 2003 we had all celebrated its 80 years of history, would MMS scholars and staff now want to celebrate reaching 50?

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We need have had no doubts. they came in their hundreds from all over the UK and beyond. Close on a thousand responded to the invitations and the adverts and the emails, to revisit old classrooms, the hall, the gym, the library and to talk, talk talk! Our thanks are due to a working party of MMS members who had been responsible for most of the work, led by Diane Brooks and Phil Crocker, who worked their socks off, tracked down students and staff and then manned the reception desks and the archive displays and the bar...

mm building 1955

Moseley Modern School (1955)

Moseley Mixed teachers

BACK ROW left to right: 1? 2.Perks 3.Coleman 4.Nash 5.Checketts 6.BannardMID ROW left to right: 1? 2.Coloska 3.Lockwood 4.Westley 5? 6.Johnson 7.Roberts 8? 9? 10.Taylor 11.Owen 12.Williams 13.Dixon 14. (Caretaker)
FRONT ROW left to right: 1? 2.Groves 3? 4? 5.Shuttleworth (Sec) 6.Wilford 7.O'Connor 8.Lloyd 9? 10. Raven 11.Nutt 12. (Caretaker)